Tavor saddles -now available in size 25mm


Our Tavor saddles series now includes size 25mm saddle that can function as a repaier saddle as well.

More available sizes: 32/40/50/63 mm

2020 Catalogue is available on our site


Our 2020 catalog is available on our site, with new products, ,significant improvments & extended range size for existing product lines, Super-fit for pipe systems, Direct Buried Reducing couplers and many more.

Fire retardant Direct Buried couplers


Our Direct Buried couplers for microducts are aprooved for the European fire standards.

Plas-Fit, a global leader in manufacturing pipe fittings, has published its 3D parts catalog thanks to TraceParts


The element that tipped Plas-Fit’s choice in favor of the TraceParts solution was the prospect of reaching out to new markets in Europe by giving its products greater exposure. Above all, we are determined to offer an additional service to our customers and prospects

2019 Catalogue is out!


2019 Plas-fit catalogue is now available. This year we bring you many innovations and new products such as Tavor saddles, Super-fit for pipe systems, Direct Buried Reducing couplers and many more.

The revolutionary Tavor saddles


We are proud to present a revolutionary saddle  with an innovative design (Patent pending):

  • The Tavor saddles saves up to 70% of installation time in comparison to the traditional saddles in the market.

  • Due to its unique design, only one bolt and one nut are needed.

  • The saddles arrive in a "Ready-to-Install" condition in which the bolt, nut and seal are already assembled on the saddle and all is left to do is tils the bolt and tighten it.

Plas-fit is proud to present: a green standard certificate from the Israeli Institute of Standards


We are proud to be the first Israeli company that is being given the green label standard approval from the IIS for our Cold Water Fittings and Hot &Cold Water fittings for multi-layer pipes.

Receiving this standard test is a confirmation of Plas-fit's efforts and commitment to Sustainability and our contribution to improving the quality of the environment.

The Green product lines enables us to expand the variety of existing products for Green Building.

Plas-fit brand new 2018 catalog


Plas-fit is happy to present it's brand new 2018 catalog

with innovative new products  and  product lines:

Ball valves, Direct Buried FR, EASY-FIT PN16 350 Series and more.

Ball Valves


Plas-fit is prude to introduce a new product line of gardening ball valves. Plas-fit's ball valves are manufactured with advanced technology which allows full coverage of the valve with advanced reinforced polymer and without exposure of metal parts to air or water by which, allows  reliable usage for many years.

Test Cock


Test cock with a an innovative design, manufactured with accurate injection technology made from

advanced reinforced polymer.

Plasfit's Test cock is designed for water systems as a periodical pressure test  point.

Plasfit's Test cock is the perfect alternative for existing  metal test cuck

Plasfit's Test cock is designed at the highest standards, while using advanced reinforced polymer dedicated

for drinking water systems

Plasfit's Test cock test is made of Drinking-Water grade polymers, and without any use of heavy metals

Competitive price and high availability


Technical specifications:

  • Easy for assembly, comfortable for use and durability for many years

  • A green product – no heavy metals, and Drinking-Water grade polymers

  • Available in a variety of sizes

  • Working pressure: PN 16

Slim Comfit Coupling


Slim comfit couplers are a push-fit coupler with a streamlined design for connecting PE Sub ducts Cable for telecom industry.

The Slim Comfit couplings were designed for blowing applications having the following characteristics:

  1. Slim design footprint reduce outside diameter to fit most cable laying machinery.

  2. Push-Fit method ensuring fast and easy installation without the use of tools,

  3. Water tight and air tight.

  4. The Silm Push-fit Comfit is metal free and rust proof coupler ensuring longer life cycle.

  5. Transparent body enable see-through for secure installation.

  6. Company LOGO and own color can be implemented for Private label.

  7. UV stabilized. 

  8. Resistant to corrosion and many chemicals.

Plas-fit new branding


New branding : from  to Plassim fittings to Plas-fit, fresh name is born to tradition existing...

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