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“Plas-Fit Ltd” management creates an atmosphere of total quality culture in order to create added value for our customers over time. The overall quality policy creates added value for the company’s customers to increase their satisfaction with the use of the company’s products by having a quality management system that meets the requirements of the ISO9001:2015 standard, and specific product standards.

The company’s managment will engage to provide it’s customers confidence in our products and services by emphasizing the following topics:

  • Full compliance with product standards, customer requirements and specifications.
  • Staying on schedule.
  • Providing reliable answers.
  • Technical support at a high professional level.
  • Adequate response to malfunctions and handling best as possible for customer satisfaction.

The company’s management will oparate for continuous improvement by:

  • Measuring, monitoring and improving processes.
  • Having internal quality checks.
  • Performing corrective actions.
  • Carrying out periodic management surveys in which the quality goals will be reviewed and determined.
  • Activation of improvement teams for specific issues.

Plas-Fit’s managment expects its employees to be familiar with the quality policy, to work constantly to improve the quality of their work and to see this as a main goal. The management emphasizes the importance of this in the framework of employee trainings and meetings and makes sure to convey to the employees the importance of their contribution to the effectiveness of the quality system.

standards Institutes

Plas-fit works in cooperation with the leading standards institutes in Israel and around the world.
All company products manufactured by us or for us, pass the most stringent tests in order to provide our customers with products of the highest quality and to their complete satisfaction.
Below is the list of existing standards: (to download files, see downloads category)