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Corporate Responsibility

Since Plas-Fit (formerly Plassim Fittings) was established in 1998, our people have always conducted themselves with clear assumptions and values: to be the leaders in our field, by investing in people and respecting our social, natural and cultural environment.

Our goal, as a responsible and sustainable organization, is to be as transparent as possible regarding our business activities; To establish with our customers, suppliers and those employed by us, relationships based on trust, as well as with public institutions and private factors and with society.
We see great importance in ensuring the implementation of the ethical infrastructure that demonstrates our company’s commitment to ethical, value-based and transparent activities alongside being the main building block of trust with our employees, customers, and business partners.

In 2018, we published the first version of our Code of Ethics, enabling it to be distributed among the company’s employees.
In recent years, there have been changes in society and legislation, which together with the experience we have gained using the first document, have led us to create in 2021 a second version of the Plas-Fit Code of Ethics, which complies with both local and global legislation and regulation. This includes behaviors that are prohibited by law, which are regularly updated.
In 2021, we completed the process of building the ethical infrastructure, which included the implementation of a renewed code of ethics, a series of policy documents on fundamental issues, and refreshing of the main work procedures. The refresh was carried out based on a re-examination of the fundamental issues, as part of a process of broad strategic work carried out and the main changes that took place in the business, social and environmental environment.

Plas-Fit’s current policy documents presents the company’s position statements and principles on a number of core issues, including human rights, diversity and inclusion, environmental sustainability, employee health and safety, contribution to our community, bribery and corruption prevention.

Download our Ethichs Code

Ecovadis rating

We have been awarded a silver medal for our 2022 CSR Ecovadis assesment, placing us in the top 25% of rated companies for sustainability.
This rewards the company’s daily efforts in terms of business ethics, respect for environment and human resources, human rights, and purchasing practices. We strive for continuous improvment in all fiels of our activity.

Green label mark

The green standard is awarded by the Israeli Standards Institute and the Ministry of Environmental Protection to companies that manufacture a product that is harmless to the environment. The mark is awarded for products that improve energy efficiency, Reduce the use of hazardous materials, reusable and more.
This permit is given to our company after a recommendation of  the professional committees and the approval from the permits committee. The committees, which are public committees, examine a few factors  in light of the requirements of the law in the field of environmental protection:

-the results of their laboratory
-the compliance of our products with the relevant green specifications
-the compliance of our factory that produces the product.

The mark was given to our company by the Israeli Standards Institute after a general assessment of the environmental quality of the product, compared to other products from the same category and we are proud to be the only company in Israel with a green label in this category for these product lines:
-For cold water connectors (PN 16) Series 150
Super-Fit –modular fittings for irrigation Manifolds