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We believe in innovation as a way of life, and believe that a true connection to our customers and to the field creates innovative, reliable, fast and easy to install products


As a central part of our core values and with deep understanding that each customer is a different world with different needs, we provide flexible and personal service that derives from a sense of mission

We are here to develop the next product that will give you peace of mind and confidence and to create simple and fast solutions that will make your work more efficient. We believe you deserve to work in a high quality, simple and carefree way because we know that time is your most valuable resource

About Plas-Fit

Plas-Fit, a company that always think outside the box, loves challenges, humble and determined, with a deep history and extensive knowledge of plastics. The story of Plassim Fittings begins in 1960 in Kibbutz Merhavia where the company was founded, produced pipes for agriculture and also gradually developed into the field of fittings. This combined experience brings many decades of expertise in agriculture and a real connection to the field.

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Corporate Responsibility

Since Plas-Fit (formerly Plassim Fittings) was established in 1998, our people have always conducted themselves with clear assumptions and values: to be the leaders in our field, by investing in people and respecting our social, natural and cultural environment.
Our goal, as a responsible and sustainable organization, is to be as transparent as possible regarding our business activities; To establish with our customers, suppliers and those employed by us, relationships based on trust, as well as with public institutions and private factors and with society.

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