The Tavor saddles series is a revolutionary patent pending product line of saddles.
The saddles are used for splits, junctions and for adding lines to a main line. The
saddles are design for use with all kinds of pipes. The Tavor saddles save up to
70% of installation time in comparison to the traditional saddles in the market.
The saddles arrive in a "Ready-to-Install" condition in which the bolt and seal are
already assembled in the saddle and all is left to do is tils the bolt and tighten it.

  • The high grade polypropylene material used ensures long lasting operation under demanding applications

  • Excellent resistance to most commonly used chemicals for such kind of applications

  • Suitable for exposure to sunlight (UV)

  • Nitrile seal for excellent sealing performance and chemical resistance

Technical Specifications

  • Tavor Saddles comply with the dimensional requirements and characteristics of the relevant standard EN ISO 13460. Threads (BSP) are manufactured according to EN 10226, ISO 7 and DIN 2999

  • Operating pressure PN10

  • Working pressure: PN10

  • Only 1 bolt and nut pre-assembled

  • A Stainless-Steel Hinge – pre-installed.

  • Available in sizes 25-63mm with female thread 3/4"

תבור II ה.פנים פתוח.jpg
  • 2 Bolts for optimal grip of all types of pipes and
    weather conditions

  • Available in sizes 50-63mm with female thread 3/4"

  • Female thread 3/4" or fast record connection
    for Elasto-Fit pipe

  • Available with a direct outlet for 20mm pipe