• The Tavor saddles series is a revolutionary patent pending product line of saddles.

  • The saddles are used for splits, junctions and for adding lines to a main line. The saddles are design for use with all kinds of PE, PVC and PP pipes for irrigation and high-pressure conveyance of water or chemicals.

  • The Tavor saddles saves up to 70% of installation time in comparison to the traditional saddles in the market.

  • The saddles arrive in a "Ready-to-Install" condition in which the bolt, nut and seal are already assembled on the saddle and all is left to do is tils the bolt and tighten it.

The Tavor saddle comes fully assembled in a "ready-to-Install" condition:

  • Innovative one bolt and one nut grip that makes installation easy and fast, both pre-installed.

  • O-ring Seal – pre-installed.

  • A Stainless-Steel Hinge – pre-installed.

  • No plastic bag (environment friendly)

  • The saddle can be ordered with Stainless-steel Reinforcement and stainless Steel Bolt and Nut.