The Super-Fit series was developed by Plas-fit to provide a complete solution to the needs of pipe system planners and contractors.

The Super-fit series includes 3 product lines designed to connect pipe systems and piping accessories:

  • Super-fit fittings

  • Adaptors/Super-Records

  • PE risers

The Super-fit series offers Tee and Elbow fittings of different sizes for connecting to system heads, air valves/gaskets and filters.

In additions to the fittings designed for PE pipes, the Super-fit series also offers Tee fittings combined with Unifit, a universal connector that enables to connect PE pipes to pipes made from various materials such as: copper, galvanized iron and PVC.

The Super-Record series enables to transform any PN 10/16 fitting into a male threaded fitting in various sizes, as part of designing system manifolds, filter specifications, figures, etc.

Polyethylene (PE) risers are used as entry/exit points in irrigation closures for agriculture and gardening projects.

The PE risers arrive ready for assembly with a gasket ring, Record nut and male threads in various sizes.