Plas-Fit 250 Series PN16 Black – designed to withstand up to 16 bar.

Features trusted and reliable self-locking grip ring technology,
ensuring high performance.
Simple and easy to connect.
Providing you with years of efficient and reliable operation.
DVGW certified for use with drinking Water 

Offers wide selection of fittings from 16 -110 mm.

Technical Specifications:
• Plas-Fit 250 Series PN16 allows quick and easy mounting with no need for taking the fitting apart.
• Robust, corrosion-resistant and resistant to most chemicals.
• Stands up to tough working conditions, pipe bending and pulling.
• Compliant with International Standards and certified by the Israeli Institute of Standards.
• Working pressure: PN16 - 16mm - 63mm.
                                    PN12.5 - 75mm, 90mm 110mm.

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