PN 16 Black - 250 Series

Plas-Fit 250 Series PN16 Black – designed to withstand up to 12.5 bar!
Features trusted and reliable self-locking grip ring technology,
ensuring high performance.
Simple and easy to connect.
Providing you with years of efficient and reliable operation.
DVGW Certify.

Offers wide selection of fittings from 63 -110 mm.

Technical Specifications:
• Plas-Fit 250 Series PN16 allows quick and easy mounting with no need for
   taking the fitting apart.
• Robust, corrosion-resistant and resistant to most chemicals.
• Stands up to tough working conditions, pipe bending and pulling.
• Compliant with International Standards and certified by the Israeli Institute
   of Standards.
• Working pressure: PN16 - 63mm.
                                    PN12.5 - 75mm, 90mm 110mm.

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