YFDC M Fiber Distribution Closure

  •  Tray capacity 24, 36, 48 splice holders

  •   In each closure we can install up to 6 trays

  •  Closure FO splice capacity: 12 to 288 splices

  • Cables entry: the closure has 5 round cable entries, one oval cable entry and 11 or 23 drop cable entries.

  • Type of cable sealing: with heat shrinkable sleeves or cold (gel) seal.

  • Number of cables entries: with the heat shrink sleeve sealing 2 cables through the oval port and one cable in each of the round port.

  •  With the cold seal in each round port up to 4 cables OD 5-7 mm, 2 cables

  • OD 8 – 11 mm, 2 cables OD 11 – 14 mm. For the small drop cables entry from OD 6-8.

  •  The closure can be installed on a pole, wall, direct buried or in a manhole.