Hot and cold water fittings

Eco-Fit Series

Eco-Fit is a comprehensive product line of Hot& Cold water fittings in sizes 16,20,25mm

Eco-Fit series is designed to fit to METZER Multi-Layer Pipes (Pex/Al/Pex)


  • Zero heavy metals - safe, and environmental friendly.

  • Using PPSU body and advanced Polyamides for nut and adaptors.

  • Fit for use up-to 95°C.

  • Patented internal structure design, and Grip-Ring with unique design, to allow 250% higher pullout and durability.



  • Easy, fast and safe installation.

  • No tools required and saves up to 70% of installation time.

  • Minimal training is required for field-teams in order to  perform  perfect installation.

  • Minimal risks of incorrect installation .



  • Designed, tested and certified according to SII (Israeli Standard Institute ) 21003 Standard.

  • Certified by the SII for Green-Label standard  SI 14020  as environmentally-Safe product.

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