Direct Buried Communications fittings that are buried underground and used for connecting thin Micro-duct pipes, through which the fiber optics are blown.
The DB series is a unique development of a metal-free fitting with proven reliability in installation and a longer lifespan than the current product offerings in this market.
The DB series is suitable for installation by burying as well as for direct installation, such as fire resistant accessories compliant with strict building standards. These products were developed in collaboration with cable manufacturers, infrastructure installation contractors and buried fiber optics installation contractors.

Technical specifications:
• A transparent body that ensures correct and safe installation.
• Resistant to the high pressures encountered when using the pull and     

  blow installation methods into main communications cable.
• The accessories are connecting using the advanced Push Fit method,

   without the need to disassemble the part.
• Corrosion-resistant.
• Fully air and water proof sealing.
• Suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures.