A wide product range of fittings and accessories for communications and fiber
optics industry over a wide range of applications. Mainly used for Duct and Sub-
Duct application, with the most advanced metal-free design of fittings.
Technical specifications:

  • A narrow internal cross section, reducing friction during installation, allowing simple and easy use of automation in dugouts and in narrow tunnels.

  • Designed to be suitable to the requirements of cable manufacturers andinstallation contractors.

  • Suitable for both blow and pull installation methods.

  • Accessories are connected using the advanced Push Fit method, without the need to disassemble the fitting.

  • Pulling – PN10, in accordance with standard DIN 8076 T3.

  • Air pressure – 16 Atm 60° C for two hours.

  • Products are protected by patent

  • New size available -25mm

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