Meital water fittings for irrigation pipes or drip-line pipes
Meital Plus
Meital plus water fittings for irrigation pipes or drip-line pipes
PN 16 Black-150 Series
PM16 series 150 water compression fittings
PN 16 Black- Easy Seal
PM16 series 250 water compression fittings Easy seal
PN 16 Black-Easy System
PM16 series 350 water compression fittings Easy system
Tavor Saddles
one nut one bolt saddle
Saddles are used for splits, junctions and for adding lines to a main line
super fit series
Ball valves
Super Record Adapter
Super Record Adapter
PE Risers
PE Risers PVC RISERS provided in a variety of sizes and length for use in agriculture and gardening projects
Threaded Fittings
Threaded Fittings are made from HQ thermoplastic materials and suitable for use with different plastiv materials as well as metal connectors
unidit- universal fittings for the water transportatiomn industry
Nir Connectors
Nir Connectors
Test Cock
Test Cock nade of advanced reinforced polymer is a peroidical pressure test point for water and irrigation systems
Spare Parts and Tools
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