Plas-Fit adapter/coupling, designed as a mounting ftting for a system
of pipes and fittings assembled using threaded mounts, and where convenient
assembly and disassembly is technically required.

Technical specifications:

The adapter/coupling is a removable accessory, which has a male or female thread
on one end, and a connector for a pressure coupling on the other.
Plas-Fit produces a wide range of adapter/coupling accessories that meet the needs
of piping planners and installers and can be attached to any Plas-Fit product of a
suitable diameter.
The adapter/couplings are especially suited for irrigation and gardening. They can be
integrated into metal, PVC, and other plastic systems with threaded pipes.
The adapter/couplings are approved for use with main system valves, filters, ground
exit and entry pipe work, and other similar systems. The range of products is open to
new combinations and many other uses:
• Adapter/couplings accessories with combined internal and external threaded ends.
• Diameter adapters which are also adapters/couplings.
• An elbow which is also an adapter/coupling.
• A tee connector which is also an adapter/coupling in one, two, or three of its ends.
• Threaded end accessories to polyethylene pipes which are also an adapter/ coupling on the threaded end.
• Adapters /couplings specifically suited for use in agricultural irrigation systems and decorative gardens.
• Working pressure PN10.

They can be integrated with metal, PVC and other plastic threaded pipe systems.
Adapters/couplings can also be used in stable configurations such as system heads,
filtering specifications, etc.