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Solar panel system installation project in Plas-Fit

Published in: 28.11.2021

We are proud to share that we have finished installing a solar panel system on the roof of our manufacturing plant. This move is part of our commitment to reduce our dependency on non-renewable energy and reduce our carbon footprint.
The solar panels are supposed to produce about 333,300 kilowatts per year and will provide us with a renewable energy source.

Check out Volta Solar’s installation video:


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las-Fit Group is proud to announce the acquisition of Tavlit Plastic Ltd:Recently we signed an agreement for the purchase of 100% of Tavlit by the Plas-Fit group, which is jointly owned by 50% with the Israeli investment capital Kedma.Tavlit, located Yavne, Israel, will now operate as a subsidiary of Plas-Fit.The two companies will collaborate to…


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The purchase of the irrigation activity will allow the Plas-Pit group to increase the range of products for the field of gardening and agriculture with the help of exclusive marketing of Rain products in Israel and will also bring with it new lines in the production of the next generation of irrigation controllers


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We’re pleased to announce that Plas-Fit Ltd. has been awarded the Silver EcoVadis Medal for 2022, placing us in the top 25% of rated companies for sustainability. The EcoVadis Silver Medal rating is a result of Plas-fit’s commitment to the environment and ethical operation and gives our customers a clear picture of where we as a company stand in our sustainability…

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